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Top US chef Grant Achatz shares tips for home cooks

I’m thrilled to share an interview with leading US chef Grant Achatz. His Chicago restaurant Alinea is at the forefront of modern cuisine, largely because Grant never stops asking ‘why?’ He’s the ultimate culinary provocateur, questioning every aspect of dining. Why do we need to eat from plates? Why can’t food float? Can I make a stew that’s ice cold and boiling at the same time? His endless questing has led to some of the most mind-bending meals ever served.

My Christmas Menu

I just got off the phone from a Christmas lunch menu-planning session with my mum. We are a hybrid Jewish atheist family and our Christmas lunch is a pretty relaxed affair with family, a few ring-ins and a couple of hopeful dogs. This year we’ll number about 20, and if the weather is nice we’ll start outside before moving to the lounge/dining room for the main meal. Mum and dad will push the sofa and armchairs to the edges of the room and run two long tables down the centre. We’ll fill the table with food – everyone will bring a plate or three. And by 4pm there’ll be people lying on the couches, Christmas cracker hats over their eyes, pretending they’re not dozing. I wouldn’t call myself a Christmas fanatic but I am all for an excuse to get together to eat great food.

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