Chatting British vs Aussie food on ABC Afternoons

I love dropping into ABC Radio Melbourne to chat about food. This time it was to discuss a contentious issue – British versus Australian food – with host David Astle.

It was a perfect English strawberry that got me musing… It was so sweet, so plump, so red, so strawberryish. In Australia, we often think of food from the British isles as grey, washed out, overcooked and inferior. But perhaps we’re wrong!

I definitely think the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish are on top when it comes to naming food: posset, spotted dick, haggis… these are all great terms, whether or not you want to eat them.

I ate a Cornish pastie just before I went on air (a rather crabby looking one, don’t you reckon?) and we also talk about them.

Listen in below.


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